It’s Is Very Disappointing

President Jammeh

By Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands

The death of Hon. Buba Baldeh is a big loss to the Gambia and Africa at large. He is a true patriot. He lived and died for the Gambian people. Hon. Buba Baldeh will never be forgotten, he will be always remembered.

May the endless blessing of Allah (SWT) showered showered upon him and all those past away before and after him. I know President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh is an idiot, but I cannot understand the way the Gambian people betrayed Hon Buba Baldeh, with all what he did to the Gambian people especially Basse. Hon Buba Baldeh is much more patriotic than that stupid, brutal, cruel and barbaric ruler calling himself apresident. Hon Buba Baldeh worked and die for the Gambian people. Hon Buba Baldeh stood and fight for tens thousands people in the Gambia.

But where are all those people when our mad president denied the body of Hon. Buba Baldeh to enter in his own country for his loved ones to give him a decent burial? You guys disappointed Bubacarr Baldeh who fought against the brutal, cruel and barbaric government of President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh for the Gambian people, which forced him to flee into exile.

The late Buba was fighting to free you people from your slave master President Jammeh, and you people are sitting there doing nothing for someone who took all kind of risk to try to freed you from the cruel ruling of President Jammeh. What are you people going to do in return for him? You are all nothing but a bunch of cowards and betrayers. All these tens thousands of people helped by Hon. Buba Baldeh, if you all stood up and decided to go and receive the body of your beloved one at the border do you think President Jammeh is going to arrest all those tens of thousands of people. I know President Jammeh is stupid and crazy, but he is not crazy enough to arrest tens of thousands of you people if you stand and fight for Hon. Baldeh. How do you felt when you people heard that President Jammeh deny the body of your loved one to come back to his fatherland? How are you people now feeling after failing your duty to stand up and say nothing to President Jammeh’s decision?



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